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CIDAP is proud of its independence from state funding and international aid. But CIDAP is fighting a day to day struggle to survive and expand. CIDAP needs your help!

By donating now, you can take part in the endogenous development of Africa by Africans. Your support will make a difference.

Donations are made via Paypal. Enter the amount you wish to give and click the Donate button. You don’t need to have a Paypal account to donate, look for the Continue link to the left of the login box.

We’re in constant contact with CIDAP. We listen to them and they tell us what their most urgent needs are.

Donate now and your money will go to CIDAP’s ongoing projects (contact us for latest updates).

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If you are a development / aid worker, an NGO or a charity member, you can get in touch with CIDAP and start building a relationship towards a new and efficient way of development for Africa and the “developing” world.

Exchange ideas, techniques and skills. Develop a new vision of development and unite your struggle against a system that keeps the poor poorer.

Contact CIDAP here: cidap@thedancingforest.com

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Organize your own community screening of The Dancing Forest. Whether you’re a school / university teacher, an NGO / charity member, a journalist, filmmaker, student or an activist; you can contact us here: info@thedancingforest.com in order to get a DVD and to talk about screening our film.

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An eloquent and inspirational story

- London Institute of Contemporary Art cinema