Apatam (in French)

Apatam is a Franco-African association supporting the CIDAP in Togo as well as a similar development project in Sénégal

Action Solidarité  Tiers-Monde (in French and German)

ASTM is a Luxembourg association fighting for the political, economical and social emancipation of the people in the developing world, including the CIDAP in Togo.

Flotsam Films (in English and German)

Post production services (grade, online, sound and mastering) for The Dancing Forest were provided by Flotsam Films. Flotsam are a group of highly experienced post production professionals who can help you finish your film to the highest creative and technical standards and take the headache out of producing deliverables for D-cinema/festivals, broadcast and the web. The best part is that you get Soho quality results at a really good price!

Football Fables (in English)

A film by Baff Akoto. Shot in Ghana, the film lifts the lid on African football migration.

Roberto Marras

Art director and digital artist.

A remarkable film

- Caroline Ash, Science magazine, Washington DC